Your Voice: The Student’s Agenda Project

The Oppidan Press and OppiTV presents Your Voice: The Student’s Agenda, a 10-minute original news report series that aims to unpack various hard-hitting politically and socially relevant issues that affect the communal student experience, from deep social injustices, to addressing the cracks in student policies on campus.

The on location shot series will implement an unconventional news agenda-setting process by using a crowd-sourced approach to story sourcing and a solutions journalism approach to reporting on the Rhodes University campus. The series will be made available for viewing on the official Oppidan Press YouTube page which has 2,145 subscribers.

Students are encouraged to submit a problem-driven story idea in three ways:

  • Email: using ‘Your Voice’ in the subject line
  • Tweet us using @oppidanpress with the hashtag #YourVoice
  • Send us an inbox on our Facebook page