Year of the sport

By Mvuzo Ponono
South Park called it the ‘China problem’. The problem is: how is anyone going to upstage the spectacular that was Beijing 2008? This year the Olympic torch goes to London and all eyes will be on the opening ceremony.
In the first of our sports features highlighting the major sports events that you can look forward to this year, senior writer Graham Griffiths looks at the nitty gritties of the 2012 London Olympic Games. The event might only be in the second half of the year but London is trending and all things British are oh-so fashionable.
The Africa Cup of Nations has come and gone. Zambia has been praised for their youth development structures that have allowed them to lift this year’s trophy. All South Africans can wish for is a miracle to enter the heads of our soccer administrators.
Six Nations rugby is underway and there have been proverbial thrashings handed out to Italy and Scotland. For a much needed reprieve from Sevens and European Rugby, South African rugby fans will turn to Super Rugby. Post world cup, it will be interesting to see if New Zealand can continue their dominance and world cup finesse. Later in the year we will also have the pleasure of a visiting England rugby team.
Another big event that we will feature is the Euro 2012 finals. Can Spain’s golden generation do it again? Can they defend their title? We will have to wait for June to see.
One refreshingly local event we cannot forget is Intervarsity. The games are welcomed back to Rhodes this year. The Oppidan Press will feature the sport, the fun, lunacy and general madness that is Intervarsity.

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