White student draws gun on protesters

UPDATE, 13:30:
We have been contacted by the two of the students who were in the car when the gun was allegedly drawn.

The driver, whose identity is known to The Oppidan Press, claims that the gun that was shown to protesters is a BB gun and not a live firearm.

Following legal advice received by the students, they have refused to comment further.

Original Story:
A white Rhodes student has allegedly drawn a gun on #RhodesMIPMustFall protesters at one of the barricades.

This took place at the barricade at the African Street blockade at around 11:30am, when three white students approached the barricade in a car and were stopped by unarmed protesters.

This resulted in an incident between the white students and protesters, which ended in one of the white students briefly showing his gun to a protester and threatening him before driving away.

CPU have been made aware of the incident, and are working on tracking the vehicle down before they report it to the police.

We will continue to follow this story and will update you as updates emerge.

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