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UCKAR (University Currently Known As Rhodes) boasts a wide range of societies including academic, cultural, religious, entertainment and social development based groups. Below is a look at a few on offer. The full list of societies is available at

Rhodes Dance Society: “The epitome of fun and dance diversity.”

Great expectations? The society offers experience in a diverse range of dance styles and the classes are aligned with the interests of the members. Their main focus is Ballroom and Latin dance, with a number of classes offered to accommodate all levels of expertise.

Cost? R342.

Here’s looking forward to? Getting involved in numerous shows and competitions. These include Intervarsity, where various universities in the Eastern Cape compete in Ballroom and Latin heats and Can Rhodes Dance? where UCKAR students can showcase their dance abilities. They also perform in the Cultural Show where a range of styles is welcome.

Basically… Broaden your experience and knowledge of dance while exercising and getting to know new people in a social environment.

Rhodes Model United Nations: “Fun, exciting and intellectually stimulating.”

Great expectations? Important engagement with what may be expected of UN representatives – dealing with current events, pressing international issues and the basics of international law. Their members also gain valuable experience in areas such as public speaking, debating, critical thinking and dispute resolution.

Cost? To be announced.

Here’s looking forward to? Participating in various conferences, including an international conference (a passport is needed but financial assistance will be available); their external conference in Cape Town; and the Intervarsity conference, which will be hosted by UCKAR and attended by NMMU.

Basically… Get a stimulating look at what a career with the UN may be like while gaining the experience needed to prepare you.

Gender Action Project (GAP): “Simply wants you to come as you are.”

Great expectations? GAP aims to establish educational safe spaces for marginalised groups with specifically feminist action in helping others assert humanity actively threatened by patriarchy, sexism, racism, and ableism. The ultimate goal is to forge a place of freedom, with emphasis on ‘no fear’.

Cost? R200

Here’s looking forward to? A formal debate on matters surrounding the Fees Must Fall movement in order to cultivate an informed interaction with the movement. An annual favourite of the team is If you really knew me, inspired by the idea of people only seeing 10% of another person. Both events are part of GAP’s plans to assist the transformation process in various ways.

Basically… GAP is what you make it with its role as an inclusive and transformative space at UCKAR.


Words by Holly Allison

UCKAR boasts a wide range of societies. Check the list below to find which ones best suit you.



Isaiah 26:8

7th Day Adventists

ACTS (Association of Catholic Tertiary Students)

Chi Alpha

Dynamis Youth Network

HSS (Hindu Student Society)

His People

MethSSoc (Methodist Students’ Society)

Muslim Students Association

Student Christian Organisation

Voices of Glory

Forward in Faith on Campus

AnSoc – Anglican Society


Rhodes Live Music Society

RU Hip Hop Soc



Common Ground

Gender Action Project

Legal Activism

Model United Nations


ROAR (Rhodes Organisation for Animal Rights)

RUGreen/SEACC SF (South East African Climate Consortium Student Forum)

SHARC (Student HIV and AIDS Resistance Campaign)

Rotaract Club of Rhodes

DASO (Democratic Alliance Student Organisation)

SASCO (South African Students Congress)

PAYD (Pan African Youth Dialogue)



EASOCru (East African Society)

Greek Soc

Lesotho Students Association

Rhodes Malawi Society

NamSoc (Namibia Society)

Zambian Soc

Isintu Soc

Zim Unlimited

Zulu Soc

Nhlalala Ya Vatsonga Society

Swazi Alive


Bapedi Ba Rhodes

Art Society

Rhodes Book Club

Ink Soc

Marimba Soc (New)



AWCA (African Women Chartered Accountants)

Geology Soc

Law Soc

ABASA (Advancement of Black Accountants of Southern Africa)

RUPSA (Rhodes University Pharmacy Students Association)

Black Lawyers’ Association

Zoology Soc

Golden Key

Chem Soc

Science for Society

SUDO Soc (Computer Science and Information Technology Society – new)





Dance Society

Game Soc


The Oppidan Press


Wine Tasting

Mountain Club

Neko Anime

Rhodes Ultimate

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)



Galela Amanzi


JJH (Jehovah Jireh Haven)


President’s Award

Rhodes University Youth Quake (New)



BMF (Black Management Forum)

Enactus Rhodes University

Rhodes Entrepreneurs Society