The Makhanda community joins global climate strike

By Josi Makkink

Protesters gather to speak on behalf of our dying planet.

On Friday Students and members of the Makhanda community assembled on Drostdy lawns to speak out against climate change. They marched to the Cathedral, yelling “Save our planet!”
and holding placards. Some read, “Fossil fuel is turning the world into a fossil” and “I stand for what I stand on”.

They formed part of a worldwide movement. According to The Guardian, the climate strike has taken place in more than 130 countries. Significant numbers in the US, Germany, Australia, France and India have taken part.
In the midst of Makhanda’s worsening drought, climate change affects us particularly gravely.

The climate protest raised the imperative: what can we do to help save the future of our generation? Here are some answers:
 Walk more, drive less.
 Turn your lights off when not in use.
 Avoid single-use plastics.
 Reuse shopping bags and bottles.
 Boycott products from non eco-friendly companies.
 Make eco-bricks.
 Eat less meat and dairy.