Tessa Ware resigns as SRC Vice-President

Rhodes SRC Vice-President Tessa Ware has resigned from the role citing medical reason. Ware was advised by a medical professional to depart from her role.

Ware gave a teary goodbye at the end of Thursday night’s SRC student forum which largely focused on security concerns at the University following the attempted robbery of Ruth First residence earlier this week.

“I’m devastated that I have to leave,” said Ware. “Especially because this council has been through so much.”

Ware also shed light on her experience as both the position she was elected for, councilor for International Affairs, and Vice President.

“This year’s probably been both the best and worst of my entire life,” Ware explained. “In terms of the SRC, it’s meant an incredible amount to me. I think it’s been so phenomenally valuable and I think council has achieved a lot this year.”

Ware also said that she was proud of the role she played in the publication of the SRC’s recent statement of its stance on the issue of the name change which flared up earlier this year at Rhodes University in the wake of the national Rhodes Must Fall Movement.

“I loved being Vice-President. I think it’s a fantastic position.”

During the forum the motion was passed to adopt the statement as an official strategy for the SRC.

Ruth First Residence experienced an attempted robbery earlier this week. IMAGE: Pierre Durandt
Ruth First Residence experienced an attempted robbery earlier this week. IMAGE: Pierre Durandt

The SRC also gave those present at the forum the chance to raise concerns around the security of the Rhodes University campus. A motion was passed for the SRC to run its own investigation of the state of security on the Rhodes University campus alongside an investigation to be undertaken by the University.

It was also suggested that, as part of this investigation, the complete overhaul of the Campus Protection Unit should be taken into account.

Ware’s resignation comes the night before the inauguration for the 2016 SRC which kicks off at 18:30 on 21 August. Be sure to follow the @oppidanpress on Twitter for live updates throughout the event.


Words by Liam Stout

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