Success for Purple Glove fight night

The night was sold out, with most of the tickets being sold on the day, “everyone wanted to just come on the day, classic USKAR students, don’t buy in advance” Mathew De Barros stated humorously. The night was a great success, despite a little doubt and stress from the team involved. The event became so big that they ended up having to turn people away from the door. An unforgettable night, for those involved. The event managed to make around R11 000 on ticket sales, breaking even and paying off all the equipment and setting up expenses.

Only a few fighters from USKAR lost, Lennet, Marly, Desmond and Matt. However, Matt states, “luckily no one got knocked out, which means the judges were doing their job well, we didn’t want anyone to get knocked out, but there were couple of technical knockouts (TKO’s)”. The two charity fighters, Grant Hewitt and Gavin Shuter also loved their experience. Hewitt went on to win the match. “I found them signing up for some surf ski race, apparently the boxing match gave them some gees to attempt a 250 KM PE to East London Race”.

A lesson or two how to execute an uppercut

The judges, fighters and boxing club were all very happy with the nights events, with a very cool atmosphere. The USKAR community along with the outside community all really enjoyed and appreciated the event, especially the fighters involved from Joza and the surrounding clubs who got to show off their boxing talent. “Everyone seems to want to do it again.” “The fighters have started planning for next year’s tournament”.

De Barros states that they now know their capabilities and with more time could possibly, triple the size of the event. An amazing success all around.


words by By Tristan van Rooyen