Students to start voting in 2019 SRC By-elections

USKAR students will be heading to the voting polls today, 5 March 2019, to choose who will represent them in the Sports and Societies and Community Engagement SRC portfolios.

The two portfolios opened up this year when two former SRC members left their posts citing personal issues. “We have six candidates for Sports and Societies and three for Community Engagement and this has to be one of the most contested by-elections,” said USKAR SRC Vice President, Khaka Mpofu.

He was impressed with the calibre of candidates running for the two portfolios. “I think it’s very competitive,” Mpofu said. “Having gone to the grazzle… I think they know their content the level of leadership and the desire to be part of the leadership has actually gone up.”

Voting for Oppidan students already started on  27 February 2019. Students living on campus will be voting from  today until tomorrow, 6 March 2019. Students living in university residences may cast their votes during lunch and supper in their respective dining halls. Oppidan students will cast their votes in the area outside the library and the Day Kaif between 8am and 5pm.

The deputy said he felt positive about the year ahead for the current administration. “I’m feeling very excited and optimistic, I think we’re going to make an effective change,” he said. Environmental Councillor, Kate Matooane shared Mpofu’s sentiments.

“I’m very hopeful, I do think that we’ve already established a pretty strong work ethic,” Matooane said. “I really like my council I think we have a lot of fun, we genuinely enjoy each others company,”she said. “I think that helps in terms of getting things done and actually spending those long hours together. 

words by Xiletelo Mabasa