SRC student body meeting

Exams, Inter-varsity and discrimination – what did the SRC have to say?

By Alexandra Maggs

Discussion at the second Student Body Meeting for 2012, held on 3 May, focused on a number of controversial issues raised by the student body in recent months.

Student Representative Council (SRC) President, Matthieu Maralack, touched briefly on the No-Saturday-Exams proposed timetable that sparked debate earlier this term. He commented on the confusion of the students concerning the situation, saying, “You don’t have to be politically inclined to be aware of what is going on around you”.

Maralack also expressed concern that issues are arising within student leadership due to a lack of information being passed from one set of leaders to the next. He said that the lack of communication is leading to a problematic “reinvention of the wheel” each year.

The SRC also addressed the issue of the response they gave to a racist comment made by former Treasurer of the SRC, Pedro Mzelini, against Dean of Students Vivian De Klerk earlier this year. At the last Student Forum, the SRC were accused of distancing themselves from not only racism, but all forms of discrimination present at Rhodes University. Maralack said that a statement in response to this issue will be released before the end of term.

The SRC Treasurer Simone Starkey gave a brief financial report and, in response to a concern from a member of the student body, promised to make a Finance Report available to the student body to allow full disclosure about the SRC’s expenditure and financial status.

SRC Projects Manager Rory Abrahams appealed to students to be on their best behaviour in light of the recent decision to hold Inter-Varsity at Rhodes. He warned that the SRC will be “monitoring Inter-Varsity with a microscope.”

In conclusion, SRC Vice President Internal Martin Forsyth announced that the planning for the 2012/2013 elections has begun and that nominations should be in no later than the 1st of August. With the next elections approaching rapidly, Maralack appealed to voters and cautioned them to vote responsibly by questioning the individual motives and the character of electoral candidates.

This meeting marked 6 months that the current SRC has been in office and Maralack proudly stated that the council has “come a long way”.

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