Statement from non-aligned students protesting on campus

“Students at the university currently known as Rhodes University have gathered outside the Main Admin building to peacefully protest for access to NSFAS Funding and the striking of Historical Debt. The academic year started on Monday the 15th of February. However, this was not the case for many students as historical debt has not fallen. As The Financial Aid office has been incredibly scarce with details giving their students little to no assurety as to when their funding will come through. Further to that, students have been denied entrance into the university on the basis of historical debt where some have been told that they cannot register for the new year until they are able to clear their finances. In addition to this, the potential for late registration fees amounts to R1300. Other students have still not received their supplementary exam results, despite the 2016 academic year having begun. Despite promises from management last year, students who performed well are still being financially excluded.”


Statement sourced from a representative of the non-aligned students. 


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