Spartan Challenge raises funds for farm animals

The second annual Spartan Challenge was held on 3 October at the Rhodes University Great Field, designed to test the limits of anyone brave enough to enter.

Contestants in the second Spartan Challenge roll a tractor tyre as one of their tasks. IMAGE: Samantha Johnson
Contestants in the second Spartan Challenge roll a tractor tyre as one of their tasks. IMAGE: Samantha Johnson

The event was hosted by the Rhodes Health Suite Personal Trainers section and consisted of various challenges which incorporated training techniques such as squats and push-ups.

“We wanted to bring the Rhodes community and Grahamstown community together as well as giving back by donating the proceeds to FACE”, organiser Dusty Zeisberger mentioned. The proceeds from this year’s challenge went to the Farm Animals Centre for Education, (FACE) a non-profit organisation aimed at empowering community members to protect their livestock.

“One of the projects we run is the training of working donkey champions. We select one person in a community who cares deeply for animals and train them in first aid, husbandry and animal care,” representative of FACE, Jenny Copley, explained. Other projects run by FACE include teaching community members how to create successful businesses through the use of their donkey carts as well as running a sanctuary for retired donkeys and other farm animals.

The event was a relay race which consisted of five tasks. The relay began with a cement cinder block run, 14 kilograms for the ladies and 20 kilograms for the men. The next step consisted of two team members dragging tyres across the field to another team member who would then do push-ups as the next step of the relay. Once they had successfully completed the push-ups they would race towards a team member who would then push a sled across the field to the final challenge, which required the combined effort of all team members. The final challenge required the team to roll a tractor tyre in a circle around the event field.
“It was far more challenging than we could ever imagine,” the All Blacks team commented after completing their race.

The overall winners of the day were the male team from the MMA club who went up against Team Alpha and Frangelina, the female team from Crossfit who challenged the Sparletta team.

The Spartan Challenge was a great success and was thoroughly enjoyed by both participants and spectators.


Words by Samantha Johnson

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