#RUInterdict: Interim interdict extended

Earlier today the Grahamstown High Court was set to view the interim interdict to make a decision on whether to have it made final or not. This interdict being that which was handed to the students during the recent #RUReferenceList protest to qualm the protests. This interdict has caused much conflict on campus, with many students and members of staff actively opposing the interdict.

At 09h30 this morning concerned staff gathered around the court after 38 concerned staff had entered a notice to oppose the interdict. The court heard of this intention to oppose and thus extended the interim interdict until the 1st September. The concerned staff now have 15 days (until 6th June) to come up with an opposing affidavit that the university will have to respond to within 10 days of reception. As said by Corinne Knowles, one of the concerned staff, “Our job now is to look into the (costly) options of opposing, and try to meet with management to see if we can’t get them to lift (or “discharge”) the interdict”.

Concerned staff will be meeting with lawyers to find a way to effectively oppose the interdict that they feel is being used to “scare the students, escalate tensions and dehumanize relations on campus”.


Update courtesy of Corinne Knowles of the concerned staff re: #RUInterdict


Words by Leila Kidson

Featured image by Bronwyn Pretorius

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