Primetime triumph in Give 5 tournament

Rhodes University Rugby Club(RURC) in association with the Rhodes University Touch Rugby Club(RUTRC) and ‘Give5’, hosted a tournament this past Sunday at Great Field called ‘Touch with a twist’.

‘Touch with a twist’ is an initiative made by the RURC and the RUTRC and it was an attempt to promote the ‘Give 5’ initiative through a game of touch rugby. Rhodes Rugby Club Manager, Elise Everton explained the contribution both clubs would be making towards ‘Give 5’ saying; “Charity starts at home, [and we feel it’s important to do what we can to help],”.

Everton continued saying that R50.00 per team entry as well as 10 percent of the overall profits would be donated towards the ‘Give 5’ fund.

RURC chairman, Justin Cooper, was pleased at how successful the tournament was. “The idea was for community engagement and it was an alcohol-free event to attract [people of all ages].” He says this is important as it diminishes the negative perception that Rhodes and Grahamstown at large is renowned for its drinking culture. “We’re trying to make this an annual event involving small businesses and schools.” He wants to involve the smaller Grahamstown schools in the rural areas.

The 11 teams involved were a mixture of Rhodes teams and local clubs. The first game featured The Hill up against Kids Beach RFC. The game was a close one throughout but the, The Hill were victorious in the end.

The rules differed from the usual touch rugby rules which made the game slightly more complicated but also more fun. The teams on the field had seven players each with a try line but differed to touch rugby in that seven points could be scored like in rugby. Five points would be scored if players made a try outside the demarcated ‘box area’ and seven points would be scored inside.

Mark Brooks, a member of Kids Beach RFC, commented on his team’s performance saying, “[We are] slightly rusty … [but we have many] Rhodes Rugby players [on our team] so we should be doing better”.

The final saw ‘Sons of the Leopards’ take on Primetime, with the latter winning 19-0.

Both teams played exceptionally well with Reizipho Mngcorgo, a member of Sons of the Leopards, finding a gap in their initial game against Primetime and taking it with pace leaving the oppositions defense exposed.

‘Touch with a twist’ proved to be successful. Rugby and touch rugby as well as ‘Give 5’ were all promoted and thus one event killing three birds with one stone.

Words by Ntuthuko Mlondo and Samantha Johnson

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