Pad Drive party

Under new management, Stay Low, Keep Firing was hosted on Friday 15 September 2017. Lungile “Sickid” Hlungwani, Zakirah Jaffer and Kay Yako decided to continue what Nandi Jajuka started in 2016. The aim of the project was to create a space where “women and non-binary folk” could come together to have a good time with each other and feel safe.

The only difference was that this time, it was run as a pad drive. The event received ample donations of pads and tampons. Jaffer said the only thing that would have helped with this success is if they had started the donation process earlier.

Hlungwani and Jaffer voiced that they were surprised by the number of difficulties hosting an event can come with, especially an event like this. One often risks offending multiple parties by trying to discern those who fall under the “women and non-binary folk” banner without compromising the comfort and safety of the other guests. Furthermore, the previous events under the same name had different admission allowances than the one that happened this year, which the organisers admitted had not been made clear before the event. Thus, an incident occurred on the very night of the event that came across as exclusionary and Jaffer, Hlungwani and Yako expressed their remorse as that was not the intention of the event. Jaffer stated that as much as it was “a dope event, it helped educate the organisers of the event as well.” Hlungwani added that, “We’re all constantly learning.”

For the majority of the night, the event was an enormous success. All who attended had come for a good time. There was a palpable zest in the air as the live performances took place and everyone in the room sang along with those performing. It was a comfortable space, where one could be free to let their hair down in whatever way they saw fit. The energy was electric and the buzz of excitement continued well into the morning. The event has resulted in the collection of numerous pads and tampons for charity and it had created a safe space for all who came. Suffice it to say that the event was a success.


Words by Andrea Green-Thompson