Open letter from the SRC

By Matthieu Maralack

SRC President 2012


Dear students of Rhodes University,

In light of the recent publications about the state of the SRC, some clarity is required. Issues concerning
what was alleged to be lost/stolen societies documents and contact information for 2012 society
committees have indeed had a great deal on communication and perhaps the lack thereof. The
structuring and organising of events such as the Sports and Societies Extravaganza/Sign-up and
compilation of administrative tasks including updating societies lists and dealing with their respective
budget requests, were a challenge. Yes, the core issue was that the already compiled society’s
information was lost, however questions around how and why are irrelevant at this point, being a near
month after the reported loss.

The SRC councillors whilst co-ordinating their own respective portfolios and academic commitments
had selflessly taken the time to update this information. This meant restarting the process of obtaining
contact details for societies in excess of 70 in number, something which anyone who claims to have
been “constructively dismissed” for ought to have done months ago in alignment with their role
and responsibility serving on the SRC. Without bringing anyone’s efficacy into question, a logistical
nightmare which, of course, we were duty-bound to address – was overcome.

We as the SRC wish to take this opportunity to once again apologise for any inconvenience caused to all
stakeholders concerned.

Having said that, the SRC cannot continue with its function of being truly representative of the student
body if it will allow itself to tend with urgency of any kind to alleged matters which, in the view of the
SRC, do not necessitate devoted time or attention at this point. I wish to remind anyone who is moved
by this concern to acknowledge the presence of more key and pressing concerns that we as the SRC
need to focus on in retrospect to recent unforeseen developments.

These being: financial and academic exclusions, policy formation across student governance sub-
structures, discrimination and the greater project of transformation at Rhodes. If any allegations
compromise the SRC’s efforts towards this end, then perhaps it shall behove us to act with swift alacrity.
While we welcome the view that the SRC is becoming increasingly newsworthy and appreciate the
overwhelming number of articles in one publication – the first of its kind – there is benefit in reminding
all forms of media that there surely are journalistic imperatives which speak to more vital issues.

We as the SRC wish to remind students of open communication that exists, whether formally through
predetermined forums or informally via our facebook group, in order for any concerns to be tended to.
We are, after all, a body that exists for the betterment of student interest and well-being.

We thank, with much indebtedness, the contributions made by all the O-week helpers who made an
invaluable contribution to this year’s orientation week, and propelled it to great success. As a caution,
we wish to point out that anything which has been brought against the SRC in recent publications
but has not been addressed herein has been treated as nothing more than dross and, therefore,
undeserving of the SRC’s attention.


Matthieu Maralack
SRC President 2011/2012


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