Kayleigh Bell, a rising star at Rhodes

Oppidan Union and the Rhodes University Alumni House hosted an Art Exhibition as a Give5 fundraising event at Prime. Creative students like Kayleigh Bell, a second year BSc student, showcased their talent for the initiative. Bell talks about her musicality and involvement in the Art Exhibition.

Can you tell me about your musical background?

Well I started out playing piano which progressed to keyboard when I was little. I was never a singer to start off with. I always wrote songs and I was told when I was younger at school that I couldn’t sing. I decided to start sharing my songs with friends and it encouraged me to start singing and learn how to play the guitar.

What inspires you as a singer?

What inspires me is just being able to sing a song that you’ve written and a complete stranger can relate to it in some way. Just knowing that we all go through the same things in life inspires me.

Are you pursing music academically at Rhodes?

I am studying towards a Bcomm [degree] majoring in accounting and management. There is a little bit of a story here. First, I cannot read music. I play by ear so I couldn’t study it as I have no knowledge to, but at the same time I don’t think I would want to study it. Music to me isn’t about the rules and the theory and what’s on the sheet of paper in front of you. To me it’s about feeling and emotions. It’s about expressing what you have inside of you that you just can’t explain. I also enjoy business and I want to open my own record studio/ music management company one day so management and accounting would be a good fit. So by studying a Bcomm I can then later in life join the two things I’m most passionate about.

What made you decide to perform at the Arts exhibition?

I wanted to sing at the exhibition because I think the cause is so worthy and I also just love to perform and take every opportunity there is to sing and perform.

Do you have any future plans for your music?

I do wish to pursue my music career after varsity. It is one of my true love[s] and passion[s] and it has also got me through a lot in my life. I am releasing a new single sometime next week on my Soundcloud.

Do you have any advice for students that would like to pursue a music career?

It is really hard to try and pursue music, you just have to know that some people are going to hate you, but as long as you believe in yourself nobody can stop you. Don’t let people with small minds tell you that your dreams are too big.

For more information on Kayleigh and her music, check out her Soundcloud account: www.soundcloud.com/kayleighj-b


Words by Andrea Le Goabe

Header image sourced from here.

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