Israel-Apartheid Week: The Muslim Students Association’s perspective

Israel-Apartheid Week took place from the 4-11 March. This is a week of activism relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and is in opposition to the Israeli use of force in the Occupied territories of Palestine.

The Oppidan Press asked members of The Muslim Students Association to comment and reflect on the reasons for this event and the issues surrounding it.  

South Africa’s ugly reality was “Apartheid” and the ugly reality for Palestine is the “Zionist conflict”.

We in our democratic South Africa can understand how the Zionists have manipulated the world into believing that this struggle is a religious one, involving Jews and Muslims. This is far from the truth.  Zionist are not true believing Jews and have manipulated the context for their personal desired aim; to steal land, exploit the indigenous people and rule over them as was the objectives of the apartheid regime. All people – Jews, Muslims and Christians – have a legitimate right to the access of their country and its religious symbols.

The Palestinian resistance to the Zionist illegal occupation is looked at as a measure to infringe the security of the Israeli people. This leaves the Palestinian vulnerable to Zionist aggression. Palestinians of all religions are subjected to military and non-military aggression such as expropriation of land , humiliation at checkpoints, expulsion from their homes, bulldozing of their homes and destruction of educational and health facilities. This is compounded by sanctions and the control of essential supplies that the Zionists and USA have enforced on the people.

Thousands of Palestinian have been sentenced without a trial, similar to the apartheid era when the ANC was regarded as terrorists and were barred from expressing their true intentions of representing the people, with rights and dignity. Zionist law prevents journalists from reporting the truth.

The USA and Zionist Israelis pride themselves as beacons of democracy, but are responsible for the most undemocratic actions of the 21st Century. The UN (a puppet helpless organization) has unlimited documentation of human rights infringements of Zionists on the Palestinian people. These documents are collecting dust on shelves.

Demanding basic human rights for all Palestinians – Muslims, Christians and Jews – is rational, urgent and necessary. There is only one solution, “a one state solution” with the protection of human rights, equality and self-determination for all.

See the Jewish perspective on Israel-Apartheid Week here.

Words: Muslim Students Association

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