Home Gym Week 1: Military Squats

Not all students have a membership at the Health Suite, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t exercises we can’t do at home! With the help of a few Rhodes University gym instructors, we have sought out some exercise ideas to keep you in shape without having to leave your room.

Each week we’ll upload a new exercise which targets various body parts in order to keep things fresh and exciting!

Week 1: Military Squats:

Instructors: Belinda Campbell and Matthew Hanley

What it targets: Quadriceps of the legs and oblique abdominals of the core.

Suggested sets: three sets with 20 reps each (3 x 20)

Warning:  In order to get a proper workout, the exercises we suggest need to be combined with other exercises. Never push yourself beyond your limits to avoid injury.



See you next week for another home workout exercise!

Samantha Johnson

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