Fantastic pages and why to follow them

Entering first year brings a fair share of newness, but one thing that makes the changes easier is knowing which pages to follow

One which may already be familiar to you is the Rhodes Freshers Advice. A recommended upgrade is Rhodes Confessions or the newer UCKAR Confessions where you will witness the interesting relationship between commenter and ‘confy’, and may even find some useful advice. The image below is accompanied by the witty, “Confy getting charged up”.  

Another is the standard yet vital ROSS: Rhodes Online Student Services. This is where you can book your meals, check your class marks and get regular updates on important information like exam timetables (which will arrive sooner than you think).

RU Connected may be the most disliked of all because ROSS, at least, includes the prospect of food. However, it is important for your academic success.This site contains course outlines, assignment briefs and submissions, and past exam papers for when those dreaded exams arrive. You’ll find lecturers often referring to RU Connected, so activate your account as soon as possible. ROSS, at leats

UCKAR Student Body Page 2016 is also useful, as the posts range from digs openings and lost-and-founds to important notices regarding meetings at UCKAR. It also includes development both nationally and locally which affect student life such as the assistance offered by the SRC in rectifying NSFAS mishaps earlier this year.

Rhodes Crushes is a fun one that can take the edge off when assignments loom and greater procrastination calls. Tag your friends when they catch someone’s eye and enjoy counting how many times that one person gets crushed on every week.

An old classic is the Rhodes SRC page, remaining relevant with useful posts like information on SRC assistance to the less helpful, “keen for term to start again hey”.

Outside UCKAR territory, Second Hand Grahamstown is a page to fllow as you can find excellent purchases within a budget – and a significant amount of drama as well. If nothing catches your eye, this page can also be used as a platform to sell items in good condition that you no longer use.

The last and maybe most enjoyable is Rhodes University Gentleman which offers quality
Grahamstown wit on issues from university politics to
basic humanity in the clubs. Exhibit A:

These and the various other internet pages on offer can help navigate UCKAR living by keeping you up-to-date and entertained.


Words by Holly Allison