How to avoid getting lost at UCKAR – know the lecture theatre mnemonics!

We all know how tough it is looking at the timetable on the first day and seeing a whole bunch of letters that only just resemble words – so we have explained all of those little letters for you!

We also have a map of campus, so you can use both together and only get lost some of the time!



Lecture Theatre: Mnemonic:
African Languages Seminar – SoL F05 (25) Xhosa
Afrikaans Seminar – SoL F06 (25) Afr
Art School (100) T
Arts Minor (80) ArtMi
Barratt 1 (410) Barr1
Barratt 2 (410) Barr2
Botany Major (96) BotMa
Botany Minor (35) BotMi
Chemistry Major (320) CheMa
Chinese Seminar – SoL G36 (25) Chi
Classics Seminar – SoL F03 (10) Cla 1
Drama Department (60) Drama
Economics B (160) Eco B
Eden Grove Blue (170) EdenB
Eden Grove Red (350) EdenR
Fine Art Studio Rooms Art1
Fountain Laboratory (35) N/A
French Seminar – SoL G04 (25) Fre
General Lecture Theatre (GLT) (249) GLT
Geography G10 (104) Gog10
Geography G11 (114) Gog11
Geology C11 (94) Gig11
German Seminar – SoL G05 (25) Ger
Great Hall GHALL
HKE Department (116) HKE
Ichthyology Department Ichth
Jacaranda Laboratory A (63) JacA
Music School – Beethoven Music
Music School – Nun’s Chapel NunCh
Physics Lower (43) PhyLo
Physics Upper (100) PhyUp
Psychology Major (128) PsyMa
School of Languages (70) SolMa
Sociology A (52) Soc A
Sociology B (52) Soc B
Steve Biko Union 1 (85) Biko1
Zoology Major (266) ZooMa
Zoology Minor 02 (96) Zoo02