Animal rights week begins with meat display

Rhodes Organisation for Animal Rights (R.O.A.R) kicked off their animal rights week with their annual meat display. Members of the society wrapped themselves in cling film, wore barcodes and covered their faces to imitate pieces of meat for sale on a shelf.

The meat display, held at the kaif over lunch, marks the beginning of R.O.A.R’s animal rights week which will include events throughout the week aimed at raising awareness about animal rights issues.

The aim of the meat display is to get people to see similarities between animals and people as well as getting them to understand that their meat was once a living creature. R.O.A.R hopes that people will stop disassociating their food with the creatures and process that go into its production by seeing humans presented in a similar way to how meat is presented in a store.

Chairperson of the society, Lauren Buckle, said that the event was received quite well overall. Whilst the meat display can make some people feel uncomfortable many of the people that approached R.O.A.R members during the display engaged them in positive discussions, said Buckle.

She said that she hopes that they have encouraged people to think more about where their meat comes from and that “the next time someone picks up a meat product they will see the animal that dies for the product”.

Buckle explained that the meat displays “works as the first event of animal right week because it gets people talking and thus causing interest in our other events to rise”.  Events will be running for the course of the week ending on Saturday with a pet friendly picnic in the botanical gardens.

Words and images by Joshua Stein 

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