A guide to getting to know your 2016 SRC

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is the official go-between the student body and the University. It composes of 15 councillors*, each with a specific role and responsibilities towards students.


siseSisesakhe Ntlabezo: President


The President officially oversees and co-ordinates the SRC and its functions. He liaises with the University on matters relevant to the Student Body and the SRC.


Fun fact: Sisesakhe is a film and theatre lover.


sizweLigwa Dlomo: Vice-President


The SRC Vice-President oversees the internal functions of the SRC. He works closely with the President and helps solves issues around internal SRC matters. He represents the SRC at functions or meetings with the University when the President is unable to.


Fun fact: Ligwa’s Facebook birthday states he was born in 1905


SRC006Gift Sandi: Secretary-General


The Secretary-General’s responsibilities include overseeing the administration of the SRC and ensuring that councillors fulfill their mandates. Any concerns, queries or requests regarding the SRC, from either individuals or societies, can go through the Secretary-General.


Fun fact: Gift is scared of frogs.


siyandaSiyanda Tyobashe: Treasurer


The SRC Treasurer is responsible for custodian of all SRC financial functions. This job involves drafting a budget for the year, allocating money wisely, as well as coming up with a financial strategy for the SRC.


Fun fact: Siyanda has an undergad in a Bachelor of Commerce


SRC005Hope Mashozhera: Academic Councillor


The Academic Councillor serves to encourage a positive academic environment. This involves overseeing class and faculty representatives as well as assisting students with academic-related queries. Among other things, responsibilities assisting students who lost their DPs by trying to have them returned.


Fun fact: Hope prefers eating breakfast at night.


SRC008Naledi Mashozhera: Activism and Transformation


The Activism and Transformation Councillor is responsible for implementing the SRC’s transformation goals at Rhodes University, creating awareness of social issues including racism, patriarchy and ableism, and addressing issues of transformation. Students may approach her with such issues.


Fun fact: As a writer, Naledi completed her first manuscript at 16.


anchaAncha Bulunga: Community Engagement


The Community Engagement councillor works with the Rhodes University Community Engagement Office and Community Engagement representatives to inform students about community engagement and encourage participation in new and existing projects.


Fun fact: Ancha is an extroverted introvert.


treSimbaredi Chwanza: International Affairs


The International Councillor assists students with any immigration-related issues – both practical and social. Together with the International Officer, he co-ordinates various events and oversees exchange programmes. The International Councillor will be of primary assistance to international students but may also be of assistance to South African students.


Fun fact: Simbaredi enjoys singing, playing guitar and learning new instruments.


SRC003Tuletu Nelani: Media


The Media Councillor is the Chief Media Agent of the SRC. This involves ensuring the publication of all SRC plans of action and documents as well as enabling debate in a central and open manner.


Fun fact: Tuletu used to have two imaginary friends. One was arrested, and the other disappeared.


SRC004Zola Mbatha: Oppidan Councillor


The Oppidan Councillor is the official representative of Oppidan students (those living off campus). Her roles include working on the Safety and Security Project, and addressing the needs of Oppidan students. The Oppidan Councillor, together with the Oppidan Office will assist Oppidan students with issues they may have, or direct them appropriately.


Fun fact: Zola is spontaneous and loves laughing.


SRC001Verona Davids: Project Manager


The SRC Projects Manager works to create a fun environment within Rhodes University. This includes facilitating many campus events, such as the Great Field Party, and facilitating O-Week and Purple Thursdays.


Fun fact: Verona is a people-loving, bubbly individual.


SRC002Zweli Hlatshwayo – Residence Councillor


The Residence Councillor serves to optimise the experience of living in residence. This includes liaising with Hall Reps and House Committees to encourage academic performance and wellness in residences. Students may approach the Residence Councillor if they feel they have been unfairly treated within the residence system or wish to address residence policies.


Fun fact: Even though he is a science student, Zweli spends much of his time reading about politics.


SRC007Happyness Rasalabe: Student Benefits and Sponsorship


The Student Benefits Councillor addresses and assists students with, among other things, financial exclusions, Pocket Money Fund referrals, campus activations, and short vacation accommodation and transportation. This is often done alongside other portfolios and University departments.


Fun fact: Happyness loves Survivor, and would rather spend a night binge-watching it than going out.


Linda Buthelezi: Sports and Societies Councillor


The Sports and Societies Councillor is the main liaison between students, sports administration, sport teams and societies. Individuals wishing to start new societies, or who wish to voice queries or concerns regarding teams or societies may approach her. Students who feel they signed up for too many groups may also approach her for assistance.


Fun fact: Linda shares a name with an ex-Bafana Bafana star.


*The position of Environmental Councillor is currently empty.


Words by Aviva Lerer



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